ESPN Documentary Tells Tragic Story of Talented Basketball Player

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An alumnus of Harvard Business School, Keith Clinkscales was instrumental in the development of the critically and culturally successful VIBE Magazine and has since gone on to hold executive roles with ESPN, Revolt Media, and Shadow League Digital. While working as senior vice president of content development and enterprises with ESPN, Keith Clinkscales served as executive producer to the ESPN documentary Benji.

Chicago is the hometown of numerous National Basketball Association legends like Isiah Thomas, Maurice Cheeks, and Hersey Hawkins. Benjamin Wilson, known as “Benji” among friends, aspired and had the potential to be just as great as those aforementioned players, but that opportunity was robbed from him when he was murdered the day before the start of his senior season of high school in 1984. The Simeon Career Academy star was just 17 years old. He was senselessly shot during lunch break after he had accidentally bumped into a trio of fellow teenagers, two of whom received 30- and 40-year prison sentences.

An estimated 10,000 people attended Wilson’s funeral, where Reverend Jesse Jackson delivered the eulogy. Prior to his death, Wilson was lauded as the top high school player in the country by renowned scout Bob Gibbons. Not surprisingly, the 6-foot-9-inch-tall swingman earned scholarship offers from a multitude of universities, including DePaul, Indiana, and Illinois. The film was directed by Coodie Simmons, who was in the seventh grade when Wilson was murdered.


The American Advertising Federation Hall of Fame

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American Advertising Federation

A veteran media industry leader who has held senior positions at Vanguarde Media and ESPN, Keith Clinkscales now stands at the helm of REVOLT Media & TV. Among the honors Keith Clinkscales has received for his services in the media industry is his induction into the American Advertising Federation (AAF) Hall of Fame.

The AAF Hall of Fame was founded in 1948 following the New York Ad Club’s proposal for an industry award that honored the achievements of individuals who have served the advertising industry in an exemplary manner. As of today, 191 people have been inducted, each of whom is part of an elite group of respected advertising professionals.

Induction into the AAF Hall of Fame is for those who have enjoyed extraordinary careers and have made large contributions to the advertising industry and its general reputation. All recipients also must meet high ethical standards and contribute to their communities.

Tips for Starting a Magazine

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Keith Clinkscales has enjoyed an extensive career in media. Currently, he leads REVOLT Media & TV as its chief executive officer. Keith Clinkscales began his media career by founding Urban Profile, a bi-monthly magazine that focused on urban cultural developments.

Creating a successful magazine is not easy, but here are a few tips for those interested in trying:

1. Prepare for a challenge. The advent of online media has led to decreases in magazine circulation, with single-print magazine purchases dropping drastically. This increased focus on online publications can make it difficult to acquire funding for a new magazine venture, so you may need to rely on personal savings and the help of family and friends.

2. Develop a niche. Despite declining sales, magazines still have an audience, and it is crucial that you locate your niche within that audience. Create a publication that offers something unique and fills a void in the industry.

3. Create a prototype. You are unlikely to attract interest based on an idea, so create a prototype that shows how your magazine will look. In particular, focus on the design and structure of the content. Prototypes are essential to attracting the interest of ad agencies, and this sample copy of your magazine will demonstrate a high level of commitment to your work.