Tips for Starting a Magazine

Keith Clinkscales

Keith Clinkscales has enjoyed an extensive career in media. Currently, he leads REVOLT Media & TV as its chief executive officer. Keith Clinkscales began his media career by founding Urban Profile, a bi-monthly magazine that focused on urban cultural developments.

Creating a successful magazine is not easy, but here are a few tips for those interested in trying:

1. Prepare for a challenge. The advent of online media has led to decreases in magazine circulation, with single-print magazine purchases dropping drastically. This increased focus on online publications can make it difficult to acquire funding for a new magazine venture, so you may need to rely on personal savings and the help of family and friends.

2. Develop a niche. Despite declining sales, magazines still have an audience, and it is crucial that you locate your niche within that audience. Create a publication that offers something unique and fills a void in the industry.

3. Create a prototype. You are unlikely to attract interest based on an idea, so create a prototype that shows how your magazine will look. In particular, focus on the design and structure of the content. Prototypes are essential to attracting the interest of ad agencies, and this sample copy of your magazine will demonstrate a high level of commitment to your work.

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