The Five Basic Types of New Media

Keith Clinkscales

A successful leader in the media industry, Keith Clinkscales is the former CEO of Revolt Media. Possessing more than three decades of business experience, Keith Clinkscales leveraged his knowledge of new media, culture, and lifestyle to drive significant growth at the company.

Thanks to the popularity of personal computers, there are five new types of media:

1. Virtual reality: Many experts believe virtual reality will become the next entertainment platform because of its seemingly limitless applications. Users have the option of seeing 360-degree films, touring unbuilt houses, and engaging with news in inventive ways.

2. Blogs: One of the earlier forms of new media, blogs have remained a strong source of information. Blogs are interactive and allow users to move through posts by searching tags or categories that match their interests.

3. Social media: The very nature of social media is to share, trade, and create data online. Thanks to the intuitive design, users can interact with people around the world through an Internet connection.

4. Digital games: Capable of building interaction in a community, digital games are also able to create cultural spaces that are inherently playful. In digital games, players can express their artistic ability and demonstrate different types of economies and cultures.

5. Online newspapers: Mixing multiple types of media, digital newspapers are playing a major role in informing and entertaining the public.

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