The Vast Media Operation of the Peabody Awards Organization

A new media industry expert, Keith Clinkscales serves as the CEO of Shadow League Digital. For his outstanding work in media, Keith Clinkscales twice won the Peabody Award, the highest honor in electronic media.

The highly anticipated annual awards gala is the most well-known part of the Peabody organization. However, the Peabody Media Center also is an important part of the organization. Located in the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Georgia, the Peabody Media Center staff focuses on scholarly research and producing videos and other media that celebrate the Peabody Award winners.

Located within the Media Center is the Peabody archive, which contains one of the largest national repositories of films, books, and digital media. There also is a Peabody Academy, which offers educational and enrichment programs to aspiring screenwriters, producers, and filmmakers. Lastly, the Peabody Digital Network circulates podcasts, panel discussions, and symposia on current political and social topics to engage the community in introspection and constructive debate.

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