About the AAF National Student Advertising Competition

A two-time recipient of the Peabody Award, Keith Clinkscales has held various leadership roles in the media industry. Currently the CEO of Shadow League Digital, Keith Clinkscales has been honored by CableWord Magazine, Black Enterprise, Crain Communications, and Advertising Age. He has also been inducted into the American Advertising Federation Hall of Fame (AAF).

Founded in 1905, the AAF is a national trade association with members across all career levels in the field of advertising. In addition to recognizing the leaders who are shaping the industry, AAF also facilitates various programs, including the National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC).

The NSAC offers over 2,000 college students the unique opportunity to develop and test their skills in advertising by creating viable marketing or media campaigns for business clients. The students are presented with a case study explaining the client’s product and the marketing challenge. The students must form teams within their campuses, develop marketing plans, and explain their solutions through pitch presentations, first at the district level before advancing to the semi-final and the national levels. The winner will be announced after the final round of the competition during the AAF’s Annual National Conference. Visit https://www.aaf.org/ to learn more about the competition.

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