Ice Cube’s BIG3 Basketball League Introduces New Mental Health Policy

A former ESPN producer, Keith Clinkscales now leads the sports news organization Shadow League Digital (SLD). Drawing on Keith Clinkscales’ extensive media background, SLD combines sports news with cultural reporting designed for the African-American community.

Found on the web at, SLD recently published an article about the BIG3 professional basketball league founded by entertainer Ice Cube. A league that features three-on-three matchups with NBA All-Stars, Hall of Famers, and world champions, the BIG3 has positioned itself as a policy leader in professional sports with the introduction of its progressive mental health policy.

Emphasizing that athletes with mental health needs should be embraced and supported rather than ignored or ostracized, the new BIG3 mental health policy encompasses several key principles. The first principle promises to support the full player, celebrating his successes as well as offering compassion during periods of personal struggles. Another principle recognizes that appropriate mental health care is an essential part of overall well being and quality of life. BIG3 also seeks to foster a league culture that empowers players to advocate for broader public support for mental health issues to benefit themselves and the entire community. Read the full policy at

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