Print Magazines Still Have a Place in the Digital World

A successful leader in the media industry, Keith Clinkscales recently spent more than three years as the CEO of REVOLT Media & TV. The founder and CEO of Shadow League Digital, Keith Clinkscales has been working in media for more than three decades. He began his career leading and growing publications such as Vibe Magazine and Urban Profile.

In recent years, there has been a noticeable shift toward digital publishing, which is both inexpensive and innovative. While this shift has forced many magazine publishers to adopt a digital operating plan, it has not had as negative an impact on print media as many people believe. Print still generates the largest amount of advertising revenue for publishers and remains a popular form of media.

Part of the reason print continues to maintain popularity is the nostalgia tied to the medium. Print magazines have achieved cult status among younger audiences.

This has played a role in the rising popularity of other old-school forms of entertainment, including vinyl records and classic video games. Beyond nostalgia, the physical nature of print lends itself to higher trust among consumers in terms of the accuracy of the information, which further contributes to the strength of print media.

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