Print Magazines Are Still Relevant

Keith Clinkscales began working in the media industry with Urban Profile, a print publication that he co-founded in the late 1980s. Since then, Keith Clinkscales has gone on to work with such magazines as Vibe, HONEY, Heart & Soul, and Savoy, in addition to serving in a variety of executive positions at networks such as ESPN and REVOLT Media.

There is a notion that print publications are and have been on the decline. And while it’s certainly true that the number of readers of print magazines has fallen over the years, the idea that print is dead is wholly inaccurate according to Linda Thomas Brooks, the president of the Association of Magazine Media.

Successful publishers in the magazine industry today have tightened their focus, which has worked to their advantage. By narrowing the scope of their publications to a smaller niche, they’re able to produce a more relevant product to an albeit smaller number of people who are willing to pay a higher price. Moreover, many people ascribe credibility and authority to magazines in a current environment in which people have trouble trusting their information sources.

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