How Millennials Are Shaping Sports Content

Keith Clinkscales is a media executive with decades of experience in digital media and television networks. In addition to numerous awards for his production work, Keith Clinkscales is the founder and CEO of Shadow League Digital, a media outlet that delivers high-quality sports content.

Many analysts have tried to make the case that millennials are simply not interested in sports content in the same way previous generations were, but in-depth research by BusinessWire tells a different story. Millennials watch more sports than older generations but they engage with it in different ways. For example, many millennial sports fans watch live sports coverage and non-sports content at the same time.

While millennials are the biggest consumers of sports content, they are among the most underserved populations by sports leagues and broadcasters. Instead of trying to market live content, savvy media companies are advised to start focusing more on archived video, clips, documentaries, and other formats that appeal to millennials more than just live footage.

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