Who Was Benji Wilson and What Happened to Him?

The former CEO of REVOLT, Keith Clinkscales leads Shadow League Digital (SLD) as chief executive officer and founder. Under the leadership of Keith Clinkscales, SLD maintains TheShadowLeague.com and Shadow League Films (SLF), a media production company that has produced such films as ESPN’s “BENJI: The Story of Ben Wilson” documentary.

Benjamin Wilson, Jr., popularly known as “Benji,” was a talented basketball player from Chicago, Illinois. Born in 1967 and raised on Chicago’s South Side, he began playing basketball in elementary school and continued with the sport through his time at St. Dorothy School and Ruggles Elementary School. After graduating from Ruggles, he spent the summer participating in summer basketball leagues and playing at Cole Park. As his talent became more obvious to his friends and family, the people surrounding Wilson vowed to shield him from trouble.

By the time Wilson entered high school, the crack epidemic had reached its pinnacle and the violent crime rate on the South Side of Chicago was growing. Nevertheless, he began school at Neal F. Simeon Vocational High School in 1981 and quickly became the school’s star player. During his second year, he joined the school’s varsity basketball team and helped Simeon win its first-ever state title. He was regarded as a top prospect, and had Indiana, DePaul, and Illinois all eager to get him at their colleges.

Unfortunately, Wilson’s career was cut short just before his senior basketball season. As he was escorting his girlfriend home from a restaurant in November, he got into an argument with two other teenagers, Billy Moore and Omar Dixon. During their argument, Moore revealed he was carrying a .22 caliber revolver, prompting Wilson to jump at the teen. This resulted in Moore firing two shots, one that hit Wilson in the abdomen, and one that struck him in his groin. Wilson later succumbed to the injuries and passed away.

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