State of the Culture – A Platform for All Voices

New York resident Keith Clinkscales is the former CEO of REVOLT Media and was involved in the day-to-day strategy of making the organization the number one platform for music and other entertainment. Keith Clinkscales is also credited with making the media organization the third largest, independent cable channel.

One of the reasons central to REVOLT Media’s connection with viewers is because of its commitment to providing viewers with information that is relevant to their lives. While most widely a hip hop conversation, REVOLT Media has something for everyone’s tastes.

This is manifested in one of their top-rated shows, State of the Culture. State of the Culture not only discusses music and celebrities but it is also a place where discourse on some of the most sensitive topics in American culture is held. For example, this year the conversations will be focused on politics with the election coming up, LGBTQ issues, and social justice. Moreover, the show is a place where marginalized populations will find space to air their views.

The show’s new schedule began in February, and it had something that speaks to every group in the American populace. Recently, Kamala Harris was featured on a show regarding reopening businesses in Georgia and also commented on the upcoming election. For music fans (young and old), the segment also covered a Teddy Riley versus Baby Face battle.

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