How the Internet of Things Is Changing Music Production

Media executive and entrepreneur Keith Clinkscales has founded a number of successful media ventures. An award-winning producer, Keith Clinkscales is the former CEO of REVOLT Media, a multiplatform music brand that was built to cater to online media.

Music production is one of the areas in which the Internet of things and connectivity are challenging some of the longest-held customs. For instance, recording music no longer requires musicians to be in the same location. It is now a common practice for musicians to perform and record music from remote locations as if they were together for the performance.

Another concept that is becoming popular in the music industry is algorithmic music composition. Engineers are working on computer algorithms that can generate new musical compositions based on data analysis from massive libraries of songs. The Internet of things is affecting every facet of our lives, and music production is yet another space that stands to be disrupted by it.

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