A Brief History of the Magazine That Changed Culture

An expert on new media, lifestyle, and culture, Keith Clinkscales was the CEO of REVOLT Media and founded Shadow League Digital in partnership with ESPN. Keith Clinkscales co-founded the publication Urban Profile in the late 1980s and, after it’s sale, went on to lead Vibe Magazine.

Vibe Magazine is credited by some as being the first true home of urban culture. Launched in 1993 by legendary producer Quincy Jones, it was originally named Volume. Vibe was purchased in 1996 by Miller Publishing, and later sold to The Wicks Group in 2006.

Widely considered one of the most prominent magazines for hip-hop culture, the magazine was famous for stunning creative direction in its covers. The list of artists that were featured on Vibe magazine’s covers is an encyclopedia of hip-hop greats.

In 2009, the magazine stopped publication, only to be purchased once more by InterMedia Partners, who again began publishing it. It was eventually merged with BlackBook Media to form Vibe Media in 2012. In 2013, Vibe, along with vibe.com, was sold to Spin Media, which cut it back to a quarterly publication model.

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