A Look at the Peabody Award

An accomplished TV producer and media executive, Keith Clinkscales graduated with an MBA from Harvard Business School. Keith Clinkscales counts an extensive list of accolades among his accomplishments. He has won several awards, including two Peabody Awards.

The George Foster Peabody Award, known as the Peabody Award for short, refers to the annual honor administered by the University of Georgia’s Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication. Since the award was inaugurated in 1941, several factors have contributed to its prestige in the media industry, including a reputation for discernment and academic affiliation. The honor also recognizes outstanding achievements and public service efforts in the electronic media.

Peabody Award recipients encompass individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions through active involvement in the production and distribution of content for media outlets in broadcast and cable television, radio, and the Internet. Aside from projects and special programs, Peabody Awards sometimes recognize an individual or institution’s entire body of work.

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