– Digitalizing Sports Journalism

An accomplished New York-based media executive, Keith Clinkscales previously attended Harvard Business School, where he earned a master of business administration in 1990. In 2011, Keith Clinkscales founded Shadow League Digital (SLD), a multi-platform sports news organization, where he serves as the CEO. The platform’s mission is to provide sound sports coverage with a cultural perspective. Established through a partnership with ESPN, SLD aims to keep sports fans informs around the world.

Owned by Shadow League Digital, is the platform’s complementary website, which blends sports with culture through a journalistically sound and insightful approach. A team of respected sports journalists deliver the online sports stories. showcases sports news stories and articles from the NFL, NBA, and NCAA, as well as boxing, among others. Visitors can browse the culture category for political and social-oriented content. Additionally, podcasts and video sections are included on the homepage and provide a media-rich content experience.

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