Documentary on Basketball Stars from HBCUs Earns Peabody Award

A new media leader, Keith Clinkscales serves as the CEO of Shadow League Digital sports news network. For his consistently strong film production work, Keith Clinkscales has twice received a Peabody Award, once for his production work on the film Black Magic.

A four-hour documentary, Black Magic uses the lens of basketball to tell the story of how historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) have impacted African-American history and even the civil rights movement. Using excerpts from more than 200 hours of footage, Black Magic weaves together the stories of inspiring basketball coaches and players from HBCUs who played with astonishing skill and heart despite fewer resources and support.

During the 1960s, teams from HBCUs pioneered new ways of playing basketball at the same time that they faced racial tension in the streets and at lunch counters. With more integration at white colleges, basketball teams from HBCUs became less prominent as larger programs snatched up star players. Nonetheless, athletic programs at HBCUs continue to have an important place in the story of athletics and race in the United States.

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