Producers Guild of America Features Mentoring Shadow Program

An award-winning producer and former ESPN executive, Keith Clinkscales is the founder and CEO of Shadow League Digital, a sports news network. With experience producing sports documentaries as well as live events, Keith Clinkscales is a member of the Producers Guild of America (PGA).

One of the benefits of PGA membership is the new Mentoring Shadow Program. Exclusive for members, the program is designed for mid-to-high level producers who want to advance their careers. Applicants can declare their interest in the program through their PGA member profile. After selecting their area of professional focus and desired locations, applicants undergo a competitive selection process, which includes committee review and interviews.

Three finalists are presented to the PGA mentors who have volunteered to be “shadowed” for final selection. Followed by their new mentee in the office or on set, potential mentors span a variety of roles in film, digital media, and television, including showrunners, executives, producers, post-producers, and visual effects producers. The mentorship opportunities run year-round and are open to PGA members living in any area of the country.

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